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At Lighting Techs we have the equipment to get the job done!  We can trace out underground problems, and repair them as needed at a competitve rate! Have an indoor problem? Give us a call and let us help.  Breakers tripping, maybe you need a new circuit ran for some equipment, some lights that is out needs repaired or retofitted to LED or maybe a plan that will help keep the lights on and you under budget. Call 386-216-4491 and let us brighten up your days and nights!


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We are a State Certified Electrical Contractor EC13009883. Since 1997 we have serviced the Central Florida area, from the east coast to the west coast,and from the state line to your location! Just call 386-216-4491

We install solar lighting

Thinking about solar? Or LED lighting?  Save yourself some money and get a true professional! Give us a call  407-402-7690

Looking to change your Service Provider ? We are worth the call ! 407-402-7690 or 386-216-4491

407-402-7690 or 386-216-4491

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